Fertile Eye – Womens Work 2

The second of the exhibitions organised by the Womens Work group.


artists in show:
Fiametta Alley, Melissa Alley, Helen Baker, Sue Baker, Susie Brittain, Norfork Broads, Joan Campbell, Carolyn Corben, Karen Cox, Sarah Hall Craggs, Francoise Dupre, Jo Ferguson, Geraldine Franklin, Maryanne Gordon, Maria Gough, Anne Greenwood, Elizabeth Jackson, Noelle Janackewska, Sue Kelly, Louise Severyn Kosinska, Sue Laws, Barbara Ann Levy, Lilford Estate Women’s Workshop, Christina Lorimer, Chouchou Maldemer, Liz Maloney, Suzanne Manners, Marion McLaren, Liz Merrell, Anne Michie, Christine Moores, Sally Mould, Jann Nevard, Maggie O’Sullivan, Roxane Permar, Debbie Pickering, Regina , Susan Saunders, Mary C Smith, Kath Tate, Shanti Thomas, Susan Timmins, Kim Tong, Julie Umerle, Ann Wallace, Geraldine Walsh, Annette Welch, Sylvia Wilson

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